Is this White Privilege talking?

UK media has gone a bit crazy this last few days with the tale of a radio presenter “sacked for being a white man”. You can read about it in The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Huffington Post or many other channels, but the best thing is to read what the man in question actually said, much of which is repeated in the Daily Mail article.

He’s not bitter about being sacked. He’s a comedian and writer. Insecurity comes with the job. He was however surprised at the reason given for his contract not being renewed. Apparently he was told this was because they were recasting with more women and diversity. He then raises a very interesting point; “If we are now openly giving jobs to people based on the colour of their skin, surely that is only emphasising just the kind of social division that the equality that I was brought up to embrace strives to eliminate?”

This comes at the same time as Ofcom’s head has suggested that broadcasters are “not doing a good enough job“, and could face tougher penalties and further regulation if they do not improve diversity.

So, is “white privilege” getting the hump or has the push for diversity swung too far?



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