New Italian Festival Screenings

The Beat Beneath My Feet will be having an Italian film screening on March 10th and 11th, premiering at the Young About’s 10th annual Film Festival . Young About was created and produced by the Small Change Youth and Cinema Association, a non-profit organization for social change. The choice for the name is a tribute to French director François Truffaut, a sensitive and extraordinary backer of childhood and adolescence.

Young About carries a reputation as a true beehive of new ideas, a virtual trip around the world through very varied films and using many disciplines which unite visual arts, new technology, and television productions. The festival’s jury is made up of 50 students from high schools and Universities. A story of the freedom and unity that sanguine self-expression can bring individuals of all generations, the film fits seamlessly into Young About’s social and cinematic mission. The Beat Beneath My Feet was selected out of an array of films from festivals around the world, noted for its ability to provide happiness for its viewers.

The Beat Beneath My Feet will be screened at 8pm on March 10th in the Cineclub Bellinzona Bologna, and at 9:30pm on March 11th in the Cinema Odeon in Bologna.

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