After Louise



After Louise stars Greg Wise (The Crown, Walking on Sunshine) as Bob, a reclusive gardener with a disturbing past, and exciting up and coming actress Alice Sykes (Cradle To Grave) as newlywed Kath, who runs out on her wedding.

The film is directed by brothers Danny Scheinmann and David Scheinmann (Believe) from a script by Michael Mueller (The Beat Beneath My Feet, City Slacker) and is produced by Fiona Gillies, Raj Sharma and Michael Mueller for Scoop Films.

Cast and Crew

Directed by Danny Scheinmann and David Scheinmann

Written by Michael Mueller

Produced by Fiona Gillies, Michael Mueller, Raj Sharma


Greg Wise … Bob
Alice Sykes … Kath
Tessa Peake-Jones … Bryony
Lewis Rainer … Steve
Martin Marquez … Ken
Dean Coulson … Don
Sharon Bower … Pat
Eunice Olumide … First Woman at windmill
Andy Pandini … Guard
Manal El-Feitury … Second Woman at windmill
Lynne Verrall … Elizabeth
Emma Pike … Agressive woman at windmill
Sarah Sutcliffe … Waitress
Sandra Hagelstam … Louise
Eleanor Herdman … Cheryl
Clive Llewellyn … Postman
Emma Smet … Motel Receptionist
Sophie Scott … Kath’s Mother


Production Designer… Caroline Steiner
Art Director… Kalliopi Ismini Xekalaki (Kix)
Assistants… Joanne Hall, Laura Boni
Props… Mimi Winsor

Assistant Directors:
1st AD… Alice Caronna
2nd AD… Andrew Richards
3rd AD… Alex Moffat
Script Supervisor… Silvia Bellitto

Director of Photography… Sara Deane
Focus Puller… Chris Politt
Camera Assistant… Sonia Rodríguez
Grip… Bertie Wood
DIT… Joe Lovelock

Costume Designer… Bart Cariss
Wardrobe Assistant… Holly Rosenthal

Editor…Laura Morrod
Assistant Editor… Raluca Petre

Gaffer… Ben Ransley
Lighting Technician… Luca Piercey
Lighting Dailies… Ryan Monteith, Leo Olesker

Location Manager… Ben O’Farrell
Location Assistant… Vinny Sharma

Make-up & Hair:
Makeup Designer… Cassi Brookes
Makeup Artist… Diandra Ferreira
Makeup Dailies… Sophie Brown, Emily Grove

Line Producer… Martin Mahone
Production Coordinator… Holly Wells
Production Assistants… Ravneet Minhas, Natasha Lane, Matt Castle, Julia Maria Krom, Jordan Winter
Actors Assistant…Elizabeth Gruie
Interns…Daniel Khudyak, Emma Smet, Lexi Galitzine, Gabriel Mueller
Insurance Broker… Shaun Emery

Head of Marketing… Mike Storey (mouseclix marketing)
Publicity/Assoc. Producer… Rob McGibbon
Publicity… Anna Penney (Moneypenny PR)
Stills… Laura Radford, Gavin Smith
BTS… Puneet Gupta (thefilmartist)
Brand Partnerships… Aaron Wileman, Emilia Henriques da Silva (Imaginative Exposure)

Sound Recordist… Nigel Albermaniche
Boom Operator… Edwin Weiss

Stunt Coordinator… Rowley Irlam


Kath, a shy young woman, befriends Bob, the reclusive gardener at a seaside hotel where she’s getting married.

Kath has never come to terms with her mother leaving home when she was eight and that her overbearing father, Ken, never talks about her. Now she is getting married to escape, only to discover that her fiancée, Steve, is completely dominated by Ken as well.

Bob is a gentle, eccentric man with a dry sense of humour and a disturbing past. He spent a long time in prison and in the years he’s worked at the hotel he has never ventured beyond the gardens, which he tends with obsessive care.

Kath sparks a connection to an unresolved relationship from Bob’s past with a girl called Louise which resonates so strongly that he feels compelled to leave the safety of the hotel and confront his past. At the same time Kath realises her marriage is a terrible mistake.

With the wedding reception in full swing she escapes in her father’s car, accidentally kidnapping Bob in the process. Together they embark on an emotionally charged journey full of darkly comic twists to reconnect with their memories from the past.

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