Is this really the beginning?

As so harmoniously sung by The Mamas and The Papas, “The darkest hour is just before the dawn”. Here at Scoop Films the faintest pinkish wisps of light are slowly gathering to overwhelm the struggling night.


…It’s because After Louise, Scoop Film’s new feature film, officially begins pre-production on Monday. Pre-shoots have started this week.

We’re embarking on the part of the filmmaker’s journey that most people immediately focus on; the actual filming. However, so much predates and will post date these hard days of action. We’ve worked hard to even get to this point. Not down-a-pit hard but hard-knock hard. But we know that we’ve gained a confidence and an understanding of the film we want to make and of the way we want to make it. The luxury, as I’m now determined to think about it, of having to wait to make it, is that we’ve had time to let it seep right into our souls.

How much have we looked forward to cracking on with this project; to knuckling down to filming; to putting into practice all those late night ideas that have been dissected and reconstructed? Very much. The real skill over the coming weeks will be to hold onto those ideas, those images and those emotions and make sure they don’t get lost in the maelstrom of the filming process.

I guess this is the same for most businesses. The expert doesn’t become an expert overnight.

The months spent in the wilderness of slamming doors hones your project and sharpens your appetite. This journey is a vital part of the creative process.

Through all of this, it will be vital to hold onto the principles that provide the guiding force behind Scoop Films; those of Creativity, Sustainability and Independence. We firmly believe our handpicked, resilient and talented cast and crew will help us to deliver a film that we are proud of and in which everyone is creatively invested.

Of course filmmaking is a peculiar business. It could still all go tits up. There are always surprises in store. Some are glorious, a lot are painful, all require skill and ingenuity to manage.

Good luck to those fellow filmmakers who are shooting this spring. Who knows what exciting things are in store for us all? We’re ready.

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