The Beat Beneath My Feet NOW AVAILABLE in N America

Rockin’ indie film The Beat Beneath My Feet is NOW AVAILABLE on demand in North America.

Watch it on any of these platforms:
Time Warner Cable:
Comcast Xfinity:
Google Play:

Starring: Luke Perry, Nicholas Galitzine, Lisa Dillon, Verity Pinter, & James Tarpey

The tale of a teenage loner (Nicholas Galitzine) who discovers that his unruly neighbor (Luke Perry) is really a disgraced rock god who “died” eight years prior, owing a fortune in unpaid taxes. The boy agrees not to reveal the musician’s secret on the condition that he teaches him how to become a Rock Legend.

Directed By: John Williams
Written By: Michael Müller
Producers: Fiona Gillies, Michael Müller, Raj Sharma
Produced By: Scoop Films
Distributed By: Level 33 Entertainment

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